Tesla’s holiday software release is coming, and it will be ‘lit’

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Tesla is yet to release its “V11” software to its fleet of electric vehicles, despite the last major update being rolled out over a year ago. Recent tweets from Elon Musk indicate that the wait for Tesla’s next big software update will likely be well worth it, however. A potential release window for the update was also teased by the CEO.

Musk’s recent statements were related through a series of recent tweets. In a post, the CEO noted that the “Tesla holiday software release” will be (lit), suggesting that the upcoming update will be substantial. When asked about hints of what is to come with the upcoming update, Musk playfully noted it would include “so many things you want & some you didn’t know you wanted.”

The CEO did not specify if Tesla’s holiday software release will be the “V11” update, which has been highly-anticipated by the electric vehicle community for months. That being said, the mention of a holiday release suggests that the update will likely be rolled out mid-to-late December. Musk, after all, has been acknowledging and hinting at upcoming features that would potentially be rolled out with Tesla’s next big software update.

Over the past months alone, Musk has mentioned several new features that may very well be introduced with the company’s next big software release. These include a vector-space bird’s eye view that provides electric car owners a more detailed perspective of their vehicle’s immediate surroundings. Such a feature would be useful in numerous real-world scenarios, such as when drivers are manually parking.

Musk has also acknowledged customer requests for features like enlarged, different camera views when backing up, GPS waypoints, blind spot warnings, and in-vehicle video conferencing. Updates for existing features like Sentry Mode and Camp Mode have also been mentioned by the CEO. The long-awaited custom sounds for Tesla’s pedestrian noisemakers have also been teased by Musk as well.

Perhaps the most notable and exciting aspect of the upcoming holiday update, however, would be a potentially wider release of the FSD beta. Tesla’s FSD beta has continued to impress since being released to its initial testers in late October. Since then, Tesla has been gathering valuable real-world data on the advanced driver-assist system and its performance, potentially making it ready for a wider release before the end of the year. If the company could accomplish this, a good number of Tesla owners will likely enjoy their holiday drives a bit more than usual this year.

Tesla’s holiday software release is coming, and it will be ‘lit’
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