Tesla wins Giga Mexico’s Environmental Impact Permits

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla has won Gigafactory Mexico’s Environmental Impact Permits, as the country’s Ministry of the Environment approved the factory’s initial construction phases.

The Ministry was required to approve the use of ANFO, a mixture of ammonium nitrate and petroleum-derived fuel, to level the property where Tesla’s factory will eventually stand.

Additionally, there are guidelines to follow as the area is considered a forest and must be cleared out to make way for the building. There are several areas where native trees cannot be removed, and Tesla may be required to plant trees that it takes down. This is similar to the terms that were required by German authorities as it started construction of Gigafactory Berlin in 2020.

The land where Tesla Giga Mexico will eventually stand (Credit: U.S. Geologic Survey (USGS))

Tesla will also be required to enact a plan to control dust emissions as the air quality will be called into question during the leveling and initial construction phases.

Tesla has been given 26 months to prepare the site and carry out construction activities, meaning the target for completion will be by the end of 2025.

There are still a handful of requirements that must be met by Tesla before the first stone can be laid and work can actually begin, according to a report from Telediario.

Tesla to submit formal letter of intent for Giga Mexico: report

Earlier this month, the Governor of Nuevo León, Samuel Garcia Sepulveda, said the factory was nearing initial approval.

“My friends and colleagues from Tesla are very happy because they have their gigafactories in Austin and San Francisco; they will already have direct flights when they come here to settle. I am also about to receive the start-up of the Gigafactory from Tesla,” the Governor said.

“We are going to start with the whole issue of water, it is treated water, from the train and adaptations and access to the highway, highway (Monterrey-Saltillo) to the plant, so pure good news, we are working with everything.”

Tesla confirmed in March at its Investor Day that it had chosen Mexico as the location for its next factory. The hold-up in the initial construction phases has been permitting, as well as combatting supplier delays, but it seems that the factory is finally moving in the right direction and ground clearing could happen soon.

Tesla wins Giga Mexico’s Environmental Impact Permits
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