The Boring Company connects its newest Loop to Las Vegas Resorts World complex [Photos]

(Credit: Resorts World)

On June 30, Resorts World Las Vegas unveiled its underground station, connecting it to The Boring Company’s (TBC) Las Vegas Convention Center Loop (LVCC). Hours for the Resorts World station will vary depending on the events scheduled at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

“Today marks a monumental moment not only for our resort, but for Las Vegas,” said Scott Sibella, president of Resorts World Las Vegas. 

“Our passenger station will make a visit to our resort from the Las Vegas Convention Center easier than ever, and eventually connect us to key destinations throughout the city. Resorts World Las Vegas strives to transform the way people experience Las Vegas, and this offering does just that. We are proud to partner with The Boring Company on what we believe to be the future of travel,” Sibella said.

Steven Hill, the President and CEO of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA), noted that the Resorts World station connecting to the LVCC Loop marked a significant step towards a “game-changing transportation solution in Las Vegas.” Hill was referring to The Boring Company’s Vegas Loop, which will connect the most popular destination spots in Sin City through one transportation system.

The Resorts World station is just one of more than 50 stops along the Vegas Loop. According to Resorts World, its TBC station will be connected to the expanded Vegas Loop system soon. 

The Vegas Loop is expected to transport nearly 2,000 passengers per hour between the Resorts World station and the Las Vegas Convention Center, where the LVCC Loop operates. In May, a Resorts World representative told Teslarati that the opening date and details about the Vegas Loop station would be coming soon. 

Watch the video below for more on TBC’s Resorts World staion!

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The Boring Company connects its newest Loop to Las Vegas Resorts World complex [Photos]
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