The Boring Company posts stats from CES 2022

Credit: Mick Akers/Twitter

The Boring Company (TBC) released a few stats on the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) Loop’s performance during CES 2022. 

In preparation for the event, The Boring Company increased the LVCC Loop’s Tesla fleet. Approximately 70 Tesla vehicles—the maximum allowed to operate in the Loop—transported CES 2022 attendees. According to the tunneling company, the Loop’s average ride time was less than two minutes. The average passenger wait time was also less than 15 seconds. 

The LVCC Loop’s stats from CES 2022 show a significant improvement in operations. According to public documents released in November 2021, the LVCC Loop had not hit its target of transporting people from one side of the Convention Center to another in two minutes since it started operations in June 2021. It officially met this goal during CES 2022.

TBC did not provide the average passengers per hour (pph) the LVCC Loop transported during CES 2022. The Convention Center’s South Hall was closed during the event. As such, any pph results would not have reflected the full capacity of the LVCC Loop and how it could cater to attendees on all of the Las Vegas Convention Center’s halls.

However, the LVCC Loop already met its capacity goal of 4,400 back in May 2021 with only 62 Teslas. The Chief Executive Officer and President of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA), Steve Hill, announced that test drives through the LVCC Loop exceeded 4,400 pph. 

Following Hill’s announcement, The Boring Company stated that the LoopSim or loop simulation predicted the LVCC Loop could reach 4,450 pph for a V3 configuration with 62 Tesla vehicles. The LoopSim also predicted 5,050 pph for a “V4” system at the convention center. 

Teslarati contacted the LVCVA for more details on the LVCC Loop’s performance at CES 2022 and has not received a response, as of this writing.

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The Boring Company posts stats from CES 2022
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