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UK combats energy crisis with Tesla Megapack projects

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The UK is constructing numerous massive Tesla Megapack systems to combat the ongoing oil crisis.

As the energy crisis continues to raddle Europe, Tesla Megapack projects are the newest tool countries are turning to, to battle oil reliance. Currently, three Tesla Megapack projects are under construction in the United Kingdom, including the UK’s largest, and two others are already in operation.

The three projects currently under construction in the UK include Clay Tye in Essex, England, the country’s largest project at 198MWh of storage; Chapel Farm in Luton, England, with a capacity of 99MWh; and Jamesfield Farm in Abernethy, Scotland, with a capacity of 99MWh. The two Megapacks already in operation include the Contego project in West Sussex, England, with a capacity of 68MWh, and Holes Bay in Dorset, England, with a capacity of 15MWh.

The projects under construction are expected to come online throughout next year. However, specifics are not currently available regarding the Clay Tye system that began construction at the end of last year.

Tesla isn’t the only manufacturer supplying these battery storage systems either. Reuters reported this morning that BP is also providing battery systems to pair with their newly acquired solar business in the UK.

Tesla Megapacks are filling a crucial role that fossil fuels used to control in much of Europe. Energy is still needed when the wind isn’t blowing, and the sun isn’t shining. These projects allow the extra power produced throughout the day to be held for those exact moments, helping to limit and eventually replace fossil fuels as the base load energy suppliers.

The UK isn’t the only nation finding success with its new Tesla energy storage systems. In the US, the state of Hawaii was able to ultimately end its use of coal through the installation of a massive Tesla Megapack earlier this year. At the same time, in Australia, Tesla Megapacks are now being paired more and more often with ample solar energy systems in the country’s outback.

What remains strange is Tesla’s market share around the world. Looking at the Tesla Megapack projects currently under construction, the vast majority are found within the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, with other scattered projects in Japan and Isreal. If anything, as indicated by Tesla’s earnings call earlier this month, Tesla Energy still has a massive opportunity for growth in the coming years.

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UK combats energy crisis with Tesla Megapack projects
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