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Lucid officially launches at-home charging station for EVs

Credit: Lucid

Lucid Group announced on Tuesday morning that it had officially launched an at-home charging station for its EVs. The launch of the at-home charging station is a part of the official launch of Lucid Vehicle Accessories, an expanding lineup of accessories that serve as a “stylish complement” to each Air sedan trim level the company offers.

Lucid Charging moves to your home

Lucid’s Connected Home Charging Station can support up to 19.2 kW of power, giving owners perhaps as much as 80 miles of electric vehicle range per hour. “The home station will effectively double the rate at which the Lucid Air can be charged when installed at full power compared to the included charging cable,” the automaker said.

Designed in-house by Lucid’s team of Engineers, the goal was to design a compact and minimal enclosure to make it comparable in size to other options while giving more driving range per hour than competitors. For comparison, Tesla’s Wall Connector has a power output of up to 11.5 kW or 44 miles of ranger per hour.

The Lucid Connected Home Charging Station is also capable of bi-directional electrical power, allowing the vehicle to act as an energy storage system that can keep essential appliances powered when outages are experienced. Lucid appears to have desires to venture into bi-directional charging as it said it was the company’s first offering that would support a customer’s want to “integrate their vehicle into the company’s future energy ecosystem.”

Lucid said the Connected Home Charging Station will cost $1,200 USD and $1,600 in Canada.

Other Products – Lucid Air Cargo Capsule

Lucid is also planning to launch an Air Cargo Capsule, adding roughly 11.5 cubic feet of cargo space, a sizeable addition to the Lucid Air’s class-leading 32.5 cubic feet of room:

“The spacious and streamlined capsule, composed of a sculpted ABS shell, is exclusively available in black and finished in split gloss and matte black finishes with a gloss black Lucid logo. The capsule can be opened from either side of the vehicle for easy access to the additional storage space and offers interior lighting for visibility in low-light environments.”

lucid air capsule

Credit: Lucid Group

Lucid’s Air Cargo Capsule will cost $2,000 USD and $2,750 in Canada.

Lucid Air Crossbars

For hauling bikes, kayaks, or surfboards, Lucid has also developed the Air Crossbars, certified for loads of up to 165 pounds while impacting vehicle aerodynamics minimally. The Air Crossbars are compatible with Yakima mounts and are designed to “blend into the lifestyles of the most adventurous Lucid customers.”

The Lucid Air Crossbars are listed at $500 in the United States and $700 in Canada.

Lucid Air All-Weather Mats

Lucid is also introducing a set of all-weather floor mats for the Air, which were also designed in-house. The vehicles are composed of heavy-duty rubber and are non-slip, waterproof, and feature raised edges for a more rugged and durable alternative than the traditional carpet mats.

Lucid said the All-Weather Floor Mats will be available in four colors: Ceramic, Graphite, Saddle, and Black. They will be available in a three-piece set only.

The Lucid Air All-Weather Mats are priced at $250 in the U.S. and $375 in Canada.

The full range of Lucid Air accessories will be available later this year, with the Air Cargo Capsule arriving in early 2023, Lucid said. The Connected Home Charging Station will be available in limited quantities.

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Lucid officially launches at-home charging station for EVs
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