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Video Captures Model X Production Line in Action

The latest video captured with permission during a Tesla factory tour gives us a rare glimpse of the Model X production line in action. Sylvain Juteau of posted several photos showing a relatively bare Model X chassis and body being prepared for paintwork.

[Source: Jean Lemieux] reprinted with permission

Bare aluminum body of the Model X before paint work. Reprinted with permission. [Source: Jean Lemieux]

Like the Model S, the Model X body is stamped out of raw coils of aluminum before taking shape into doors, roof and trunk lid. A 90 second video of the Tesla factory shows how the stamping line begins with 6 foot wide rolls of aluminum weighing 20,000 pounds each. Each piece takes 3-5 stamps to get it into the proper shape.

Tesla Kuka Robots Seen on Model X Production Line

[Source: Jean Lemieux via Le Guide de l’auto/Car guide]

Tesla’s superhero robots weld the stamped pieces of aluminum body panels together before assembling it onto the aluminum chassis. The body is then lifted by an automated transport system that takes the vehicle to the painting workshop where the body is hand sanded and prepped for painting. The following photo captured by Lemieux during his factory tour shows several Model X rolling off the paint shop.


[Source: Jean Lemieux via Le Guide de l’auto/Car guide]

See Lemieux’s full factory tour video below.


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Video Captures Model X Production Line in Action
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