Volkswagen integrates ChatGPT in all new EV ID models 

(Credit: Volkswagen of America)

Volkswagen announced that it is integrating ChatGPT in all new electric ID.family models. The German automaker is also integrating ChatGPT in the new Golf, Tiguan, and Passat.

“Volkswagen has a long tradition of democratizing technologies. As a volume manufacturer, we make these technologies accessible to large numbers of people. By seamlessly integrating ChatGPT into the backend of our voice assistant, we are now offering drivers the opportunity to use this artificial intelligence on a daily basis, thus underlining how innovative our products are,” said Kai Grünitz, a member of VW’s Brand Board of Management, responsible for Development.

ChatGPT will be integrated through Volkswagen’s IDA voice assistant, offering new options to ID.Family drivers. VW’s IDA online voice assistant currently enables drivers to control the infotainment, navigation, and climate control system. 

ChatGPT provides a few more services by talking to the voice assistant in “natural language.” For instance, the AI can erase search results out loud, offer more information on tourist spots, and report past football game tournament outcomes.ChatGPT is available to use in at least five languages in VW vehicles, namely English (US and UK), Spanish, Czech, and German.

Volkswagen drivers will not need to make a separate ChatGPT account to use the AI in their vehicles. All they need is their existing VW Connect or Connect Plus account. 

Apple is also integrating ChatGPT with its AI assistant Siri. The collaboration did not seem to please Elon Musk, who is developing similar technology called Grok with xAI. 

Musk shared his thoughts on Apple’s ChatGPT integration on X. He considered banning Apple devices in his companies if ChatGPT is integrated at the iOS level.

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Volkswagen integrates ChatGPT in all new EV ID models 
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