Volkswagen might unveil ID.2 EV hatchback on March 15

(Credit: Volkswagen)

Volkswagen is expected to unveil the all-electric ID.2 EV hatchback during its livestream on March 15. VW teased it would share its vision of the future and much more during next week’s livestream at 6:20 pm CET. 

The livestream will be available on LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter. To get updates on the event, Volkswagen started the hashtag #VWforthepeople. VW’s hashtag for the livestream teases the affordable nature of the ID.2 EV hatchback. 

The German automaker’s ID.2 hatchback is reportedly equivalent to the VW Golf, its compact five-seater. Volkswagen ID.2 sales are expected to commence in 2025 with a starting price of €22,500 ($23,823). The starting price of the VW ID.2 hatchback puts it in a competitive position in the segment. Tesla also plans to enter the segment with its expected $25,000 next-generation vehicle, informally dubbed the “Model 2” by EV enthusiasts.

During VW’s March 15 livestream, the company is expected to introduce its new design language, teasing a new direction it may take with its future electric vehicles. Tesla has teased similar plans for its next-generation platform, drawing a parallel between itself and the German automaker.

Tesla’s $25,000 Vehicle 

On the first day of 2023, longtime TSLA bull Loup Ventures predicted that Tesla would unveil its $25,000 Model 2 vehicle in 2024—when the VW ID.2 is expected to start sales. 

Earlier this month, Tesla announced that its upcoming Gigafactory Mexico would build its next-generation vehicle. Tesla has kept mum about the next-gen vehicle’s specifics, but all clues point to a vehicle akin to the long-rumored “Model 2.” During Tesla Investor Day 2023, the company talked a lot about its work, mainly related to producing its next-generation cars. 

The Volkswagen ID.2 would be a great competitor for Tesla’s Model 2 vehicle. It would be interesting to see how both cars perform on the market. 

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Volkswagen might unveil ID.2 EV hatchback on March 15
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