Volkswagen ID.5’s driver assist tech gets top score in the Euro NCAP

The European New Car Assessment Program (Euro NCAP) gave the Volkswagen ID.5 the highest possible score for its driver assist system, called Travel Assist. 

The Volkswagen ID.5 received a “Very Good” rating after receiving a 4 out 4 possible points. The specifications of the ID.5 vehicle tested by the Euro NCAP are provided below. 

Assistance Competence

The ID.5 received a score of 76% for Assistance Competence. Under the Driver Engagement, the VW ID.5 received 77.9 out of 100 points. The score was based on four subcategories, each worth 25 points in total. 

The ID.5 received 20 points for consumer information, 22.9 points for system status, 10 points for driver monitoring, and 25.0 points for driving collaboration. 

The Euro NCAP rated the ID.5’s driver monitoring capabilities as “adequate.” According to its comments, VW did not equip the ID.5 with an internal camera, relying only on steering wheel input from the driver for monitoring. 

For Vehicle Assistance, the ID.5 received 77.0 points out of 100. The ID.5’s speed assistance system seemed to impress Euro NCAP experts since it nearly received a perfect score of 24.3 points out of 25. 

Credit: Volkswagen

“VW combines map-based speed limit information with real time camera inputs to manage fixed, variable and temporary speed limit signs. The system adapts speed for upcoming road features such as curves and junctions,” commented the experts. 

Volkswagen’s Travel Assist did receive a perfect score for steering assistance with 35 points. On the other hand, the ID.5’s adaptive cruise control performance received only 17.7 out of 40 points. 

Safety Backup

The Volkswagen ID.5’s Travel Assist received 85% for Safety Backup. It scored 25 out of 25 points under the System Failure subcategory and 20 out of 25 points under Unresponsive Driver Intervention. The ID.5 also performed well during the Collision Avoidance test, scoring 40.7 out of 50 points. 

Euro NCAP experts wrapped up their ID.5 assessment with a simple comment. 

“The VW ID.5 provides very good Vehicle Assistance with a similar level of Driver Engagement. Combined with excellent safety back-up, the system, overall, offers Very Good highway assistance,” it said.

Volkswagen announced that Travel Assist with swarm data is now optionally available in Europe for all newly produced ID. models equipped with ID.Software 3.0. 

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Volkswagen ID.5’s driver assist tech gets top score in the Euro NCAP
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