Volkswagen and Mahindra’s partnership yields 2 new EV brands in India

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Mahindra recently unveiled five electric SUVs to be released under two new EV brands: the XUV and BE. The upcoming electric SUVs will use Mahindra’s modular INGLO platform with the help of Volkswagen’s Modular electric drive matrix (MEB) platform components. 

In May, Teslarati reported that Volkswagen and India’s Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. (M&M) signed a partnering agreement to explore VW’s MEB platform. The European automaker claims the MEB electric platform is designed to help automakers build their portfolio of electric vehicles cost-effectively and swiftly. And it seems Mahindra did just that with the XUV and BE SUVs. 

Mahindra created a modular INGLO platform using Volkswagen MEB platform components. The INGLO platform will be the heart of Mahindra’s Born Electric vision and serve as the backbone of the Indian company’s EV architecture. 

“Our vision of Born Electric is underpinned by the future-ready INGLO platform, two new exciting brands and the Heartcore design philosophy. The five electric SUVs provide a powerful glimpse of our strategic direction and hew to the Mahindra attitude of a racing spirit and the attitude of adventure. We aim to not only electrify the roads but also the hearts and minds of SUV aficionados in India and around the world,” said Rajesh Jejurikar, M&M’s Executive Director of Auto and Farm Sectors. 

Mahindra XUV and BE Electric SUVs

Mahindra plans to launch five all-electric SUVs under the XUV and BE brands. All the vehicles will use the INGLO platform. The first SUV model will launch in 2024. Below are the names and launch dates of each Mahindra electric SUV

  • XUV.e8 – December 2024
  • XUV.e9 – April 2025
  • BE.05 – October 2025
  • BE.07 – October 2026
  • BE.09 – TBC

“The initial idea and design for the five electric SUVs are based on Mahindra’s core philosophy Rise for Good and the three brand pillars it represents – accepting no limits, alternative thinking and driving positive change. The Rise philosophy is about attitude, a way of life, and inspiring all stakeholders to push for positive change. It gives Mahindra’s iconic brands a meaning and purpose, and instils a powerful feeling that ‘We can achieve whatever we set our minds to,'” noted M&M.

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Volkswagen and Mahindra’s partnership yields 2 new EV brands in India
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