Tesla Cybertruck drawing crowds with Boston Marathon display

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A Tesla Cybertruck is now on display outside of a showroom in Boston, Massachusetts, and photos and video footage of the site show that the unique electric vehicle (EV) has been drawing some crowds.

Tesla has been displaying the Cybertruck outside of its store at the Boston Prudential Center, and unlike many of its other displays of the vehicle, the company has been letting viewers check out the interior and even sit inside the EV. It’s also been drawing crowds, as many have stopped to sit inside the Cybertruck or just to take a close-up look.

There’s also a DJ operating out of the Cybertruck’s bed power outlets, as was seen at least once before during Tesla’s year-end Cybertruck delivery event held in December at the company’s factory in Fremont, California. The display launched on Sunday and will remain through tomorrow during the Boston Marathon.

The showroom is located at 888 Boylston Street, Suite 055, at the Boston Prudential Center, and this display comes as the latest of Tesla’s Cybertruck happenings. Last weekend, Tesla used a Cybertruck to tow a Model Y encased in glass around New York City, with the glass reading: “The Best-Selling Car in the World is Made in America.”

The Cybertruck has also been displayed at a number of locations outside of the U.S. in recent months, despite not being available anywhere else at this point. Tesla has had Cybertruck displays at Canadian automotive shows, alongside tours of the vehicle taking place in China, Japan, Germany, and soon, Thailand.

Tesla has continued to ramp up production of the Cybertruck at its Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, where the automaker seems to be nearing 900 to 1,000 units built per week. The vehicle has been a hot commodity among celebrities, though Tesla has temporarily paused Cybertruck delivery appointments due to some “unexpected delays.”

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Tesla Cybertruck drawing crowds with Boston Marathon display
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