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Apple aims for more realistic EV with fewer features to launch in 2028

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Apple is aiming to release its electric vehicle in 2028 and plans to equip the car with “limited autonomous driving,” a new report from Bloomberg states.

After hoping to develop a driverless electric vehicle several years ago, Apple is scaling back its expectations for its introductory EV. The report states that Apple wants to develop its car with a Level 2 autonomy system, which is similar to Tesla Full Self-Driving.

SAE Level 2 autonomy still requires the driver to be in control and be in constant supervision of the vehicle. It will, however, provide steering and brake/acceleration support, as well as lane centering, and adaptive cruise control.

It will take roughly four years for Apple to develop the new car, and it is being more conservative with what it plans to bring to the table.

Over the past few years, we’ve covered every development of the Apple Car and the company’s attempts to drive the project forward.

It planned to work with companies like Toyota to develop the vehicle. It also planned to work with TSMC on chips for self-driving, but its plans were entirely too ambitious.

Things eventually started to cool off, and its high-profile recruits for the project, like its Senior Director of Engineering, Dr. Michael Schwekutsch, who also spent time at Tesla, left Apple for air taxi startup Archer Aviation.

Apple Car project sees latest staff turnover as ex-Tesla engineer leaves for air taxi startup

Apple would not directly comment on the company’s plans for a vehicle.

However, Bloomberg notes that Apple’s ability to find a more reasonable launch date and have more realistic expectations regarding its initial EV is “a pivotal moment” for the project.

If the vehicle is not able to hit the market with fewer features, Apple will likely abandon the project altogether.

Initially launched in 2015, things have stagnated for some time regarding the Apple Car. However, the report states that Apple’s Board of Directors had pressured CEO Tim Cook to deliver a plan that would make the project more concrete or give up on it altogether.

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Apple aims for more realistic EV with fewer features to launch in 2028
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