GM’s flagship Cadillac Celestiq luxury sedan spotted on the road

Credit: Cadillac

The upcoming Cadillac Celestiq ultra-luxury vehicle was spotted on the road earlier yesterday.

According to Car and Driver, the anticipated Rolls-Royce competitor, the Cadillac Celestiq, was spotted on the road. The vehicle resembles previous graphic versions of the vehicle published earlier this month and only furthers Cadillac’s dedication to huge vehicles. The car is anticipated to have a ~$300,000 price tag and will be available for bespoke customer orders.

The Cadillac Celestiq is the brand’s new flagship vehicle, dedicated to a new level of luxury that hasn’t been occupied by General Motors previously. However, its level of luxury and sky-high price tag are not the only unique aspects of the vehicle.

The non-traditional hatchback shape, reminiscent of a very large Audi A7, is a body style that Cadillac hasn’t explored since the CTS-V Wagon they produced in 2014. Much of the same angular styling remains, and Cadillac’s dedication to enormous cars is again on full display.

While the vehicle is hilariously attempting to hide under “camouflage,” it is clear from the other objects in the images that the vehicle is not only daunting and intimidating but incredibly large. Further, the blank rim protectors do little to hide the vehicle’s likely 23-24 inch wheels.

While few technical specifications are known about the vehicle yet, Cadillac has long been teasing the vehicle’s craftsmanship, use of rare and premium materials, and a premium suite of technology. Specifically, the brand’s previous interior pictures show a 2+2 seating arrangement, numerous interior screens for every passenger, and abundant leather work throughout the cabin. It is unclear what a production Celestiq will look like, as Cadillac has made it clear that customers will have significant freedom in design as they customize their vehicle.

Cadillac is quite serious about their new ultra-premium offering, so much so that they have dedicated an entirely new production facility exclusively for the vehicle. Yet it remains unclear if ultra-premium vehicles are the brand’s future direction as a whole, if other premium offerings will join Celestiq, or if this will remain a niche product of Cadillac. Nonetheless, this new product may offer fresh air to the brand that is now seeking to join the ever-competitive luxury EV space.

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GM’s flagship Cadillac Celestiq luxury sedan spotted on the road
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