The Boring Company adds a Polaris e6 ADA vehicle to its Vegas fleet

(Credit: Polaris)

The Boring Company (TBC) added a Polaris Gem e6 vehicle to its fleet in Las Vegas. 

Redditor u/komocode found a permit filed by Elon Musk’s tunneling company. The permit showed that TBC increased its Tesla vehicle fleet to 70 units plus an additional ADA Polaris e6 vehicle. 

According to u/komocode multiple people on Twitter have seen the Polaris e6 ADA vehicle passing through the Vegas tunnel. Records suggested that The Boring Company added a ramp mod to the Polaris to make it ADA compliant. 

Some Redditors in r/BoringCompany speculate that the Polaris is mainly used for persons with disabilities. Many people pass through TBC’s Vegas tunnels now, and it seems appropriate that the company ensures that all passengers are accommodated. 

The Boring Company increased its Tesla fleet to 70 cars during the CES 2022 event earlier this year. During CES 2022, the LVCC Loop transported 15,000 to 17,000 passengers daily around the Las Vegas Convention Center campus. 

Will TBC always use Teslas?

Teslas will likely always be the primary vehicles used in TBC tunnels. Tesla Model 3s, Model Ys, and some Model X units are already zipping through the LVCC Loop. 

Elon Musk and The Boring Company initially planned to use a different vehicle for its tunnels. However, it seems TBC built the tunnels before Tesla could make the vehicle for them. Although, Musk has teased a Tesla van that might be an excellent addition to TBC’s Vegas tunnels. 

Full Self-Driving is the main reason Teslas seem to be The Boring Company’s primary choice of vehicle. When TBC signed a $6.25 million agreement with the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) board to operate and manage the LVCC Loop, it also agreed to introduce autonomous operations in the future. 

Last month, LVCVA president and CEO Steve Hill predicted that TBC Tesla vehicles would be autonomous by the next fiscal year. He tempered expectations stating that TBC is “certainly headed toward an autonomous system.” 

“We said at a (LVCVA) board meeting a month or two ago that our goal was, by the end of this fiscal year, to have some amount of autonomous driving happening in the system,” Hill said. 

Elon Musk forecasted that Tesla would achieve Full Self-Driving by the end of 2022. This coming weekend, Tesla will roll out FSD Beta update 10.69, which Musk says will introduce significant improvements.

Have you seen the Polaris e6 ADA vehicle zipping though The Boring Company’s Vegas tunnels? If you have, I’d like to hear from you. Contact me at or via Twitter @Writer_01001101.

The Boring Company adds a Polaris e6 ADA vehicle to its Vegas fleet
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