GM says the Cadillac Celestiq will be built at $81M tech center

Front driver’s side view of the CELESTIQ show car. Show car images displayed throughout (not for sale).

General Motors announced that the recently-teased Cadillac Celestiq, its ultra-luxury sedan, will be built at GM’s $81 million Detroit-based Global Technical Center.

GM has shared more details about the upcoming Cadillac Celestiq, what is being called an ultra-luxury electric sedan. Many, including those working at GM, see the Celestiq as an opportunity to refresh the Cadillac brand. In a comment to CNBC, GM President Mark Reuss stated, “as Cadillac’s future flagship sedan, Celestiq signifies a new, resurgent era for the brand.” The expected $200,000+ price tag is certainly expected to be an upscale shift for the brand, and GM is taking the opportunity to try out some new ideas on the Celestiq.

GM teases the Cadillac Celestiq luxury hatchback EV

As reported previously, the car will be hand-made, but Cadillac’s website also lists the vehicle as “custom commissioned”; no details have been released about the custom ordering process that is new for GM. GM also announced that the production will take place at their Detroit-based tech campus. This will be the first vehicle ever produced at the facility, but will also incorporate many new manufacturing techniques, hence GM’s $81 million investment to retrofit the facility. However, much like GM’s other current EV offerings, minus the Bolt EV and Bolt EUV, the Celestiq will only be produced in the hundreds, not thousands.

The Celestiq will likely require a lot of specialized equipment not used on any GM vehicle prior, especially due to its use of 3d printed parts. Over 100 structural and cosmetic pieces alike of the Celestiq will be 3d printed and then fitted to GM’s Ultium platform, the modular EV platform that is the basis of the Hummer EV, Cadillac Lyric, and now the Celestiq. The Ultium platform will also be underpinning 27 other new products (a total of 30) before 2025. The sedan will also be fitted with four-quadrant variable opacity roof sections, allowing each passenger to determine the opacity of the roof area above their seat. Finally, the interior front display will stretch across the whole front dash, utilizing a privacy screen that will prevent driver distraction.

A full reveal is expected sometime next month, as additional images will be teased by GM ahead of its show car debut in late July.

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GM says the Cadillac Celestiq will be built at $81M tech center
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