Dodge unveils concept electric muscle car

Credit: Dodge

Dodge has unveiled its new concept electric muscle car. It’s powered by “banshees,” equipped with the world’s loudest EV exhaust note, and it’s 100% pure Dodge.

The Dodge Charger Daytona concept is the new electric muscle car to take the torch from the discontinued gas-powered Challenger and Charger. The two-door vehicle is walking a fine line between Dodge heritage and modern technology, but consumers will have to wait until 2024 to experience a production version.

The Dodge Charger Daytona is immediately recognizable as a Dodge product; the vehicle takes inspiration from the profile of the Dodge Daytona that it shares a name with, it maintains the aggressive styling that has defined the brand for the past two decades, and it sports the classic Dodge colors of carbon grey, red, and black.

Dodge has released very little technical information about the product as of yet, but they have shared some tantalizing details. Foremost for muscle car enthusiasts, the coupe maintains the loud reputation of Dodge products through its “Fratzonic Chambered Exhaust” system, a rear-mounted speaker system capable of 128 decibels of volume, hence making it fully compliant with Federal EV noise requirements. The vehicle will use an 800-volt architecture system that will drive all four wheels. However, the amount of motors is not yet known. The vehicle will also offer drivers a more tactile experience through a transmission the brand has named “Erupt.”

The vehicle’s exterior design, while in shape may be classic Dodge, is far from the usual. Foremost is the nose-mounted wing system that is reminiscent of a Ford GT40. The front wing will direct air over the vehicle, helping to keep the car planted and minimizing its drag co-efficient. The back of the vehicle offers a similar air control system through an aggressive diffuser and air slits leading to the back tires.

Credit: Dodge

The traditional design cues mixed with modern advancements continue on the interior of the vehicle. The driver is aided through a pair of digital displays and a heads-up display, while controls such as the shifter, the A/C controls, and the steering wheel mounted controls remain tactile and physical. The vehicle seats four in a 2+2 design with aggressive Recaro-like seats.

Viewers of the images online offer a slurry of opinions, most of which remain incoherent yet raise interesting questions. Is this what the continuation of the muscle car looks like? Is Dodge too late to the electric vehicle market? And do the recent developments coming from Dodge indicate a substantial new dedication to an electrified set of offerings? Only time will tell.

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Dodge unveils concept electric muscle car
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