CBS resumes Twitter activity after pausing posts over Musk “uncertainty”

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That didn’t last very long. After inspiring a large number of headlines recently for “pausing” its Twitter activities over Elon Musk’s leadership of the social media platform, radio and television network CBS has walked back on its decision. The update was announced on Twitter. 

When it announced its Twitter pause, CBS News noted that it was doing so out of an abundance of caution. “In light of the uncertainty around Twitter and out of an abundance of caution, CBS News Bay Area is pausing its activity on the social media site as we continue to monitor the platform,” CBS News noted on Twitter. 

CBS’ announcement that it was pausing its Twitter activities became a key talking point against Musk’s management of the social media company. Incidentally, the network’s post came after Elon Musk announced that a number of previously banned accounts on Twitter, such as Jordan Peterson, Kathy Griffin, and The Babylon Bee, have been reinstated. Musk also held a public poll on Saturday to determine if former US President Donald Trump’s account should be revived. The poll ended with Trump’s account being reinstated.

By Sunday, CBS’ sentiments over Musk’s social media company appear to have changed. In a post from the company’s official communications handle, CBS noted that it has decided to resume its activity on Twitter. “After pausing for much of the weekend to assess the security concerns, CBS News and Stations is resuming its activity on Twitter as we continue to monitor the situation,” CBS News’ PR account noted. 

The departure and prompt return of CBS to the social media network has been received with some lighthearted humor, with Tesla CEO Elon Musk posting a giggling emoji as a response to the network’s post. A number of Twitter users also poked fun at CBS because its pause on the social media platform did not even make it through the whole weekend. Behind all the humor, however, CBS’ return does hint that perhaps even advertisers who initially pulled out of Twitter after Musk’s acquisition, such as General Motors, Audi, and Pfizer, may come back later as well. 

While Musk’s Twitter revamp is likely facing its most challenging weeks ahead as the company operates with a much smaller workforce, things do seem to be calming down at the social media company. Elon Musk posted several photos from Twitter’s headquarters recently, showing a number of the company’s employees staying up with him well past midnight. Overall, Twitter seems determined to come out of its current situation stronger than ever, so the next weeks would likely be very interesting.  

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CBS resumes Twitter activity after pausing posts over Musk “uncertainty”
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