Cleaning the Tesla Charge Port and Universal Mobile Connector (UMC)

We all know by now that the all electric Tesla Model S contains hardly any moving parts other than the wheels and electric motor. There’s no engine under the hood, no spark plugs, timing chain or even a transmission to worry about, and for that reason the Model S is virtually maintenance free.

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However KManAuto found one area of maintenance that may not be so obvious to Model S owners – cleaning the Tesla charge port and Universal Mobile Connector (UMC).

KMan shows us how dirty a charge port can really get when unkept. Using a basic cotton swab, KMan demonstrates how to cleanse the inside of the charge port as well as the UMC receptacle. This will be especially useful for those Model S’ that are either not garage kept or reside in areas where snow, road salt, wind and dust are common.

Cleaning the charge port and UMC receptacle will maximize connectivity and reduce heat build up on the plug contacts while also prolonging its life. Thanks KMan!

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