Elon Musk’s lighthearted humor and Tesla’s ‘Master Plan’

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk has a renowned sense of humor. Any person who is a follower of Musk’s Twitter account knows that the South African-born entrepreneur brings a lighthearted approach to business and his world-saving mission, outlined in Tesla’s Master Plan” back in 2003.

But what is interesting about Musk’s jokes is the fact that he can maintain a kind-hearted and comedic response to Tesla’s “competitors.” The observation that Musk dropped the Model S price to his notoriously favorite numbers of $69,420 yesterday was perhaps a response to Lucid listing its base model of the Air to the point that was less expensive than Tesla’s flagship sedan.

In light of all of the funny business moves Musk has made over the years, including $69.420 short shorts, Tesla’s “big picture” mission is anything but comedic. The Master Plan describes the urgency that is needed in terms of adopting electric vehicles. Additionally, Musk’s other notable entity, SpaceX, is preparing for Mars’ inhabitance in case his Earth-saving strategy does not work out the way that he plans.

Tesla’s mission statement is to “accelerate the transition to sustainable energy.” Simply put, it means: get off of the dependence on fossil fuels in favor of clean, renewable energy that can increase the quality of life and add years to the Earth’s lifespan. Simply enough, stop using dirty sources of power.

The sustainable energy transition is important enough that over 1 million people have bought Tesla electric vehicles. Some may have bought them for the environmental effects, and some may have purchased a Tesla because of performance specifications. Regardless, a Tesla purchased is one less gas-powered car on the road, which is ultimately the company’s goal.

Nevertheless, it is interesting that Musk’s very serious mission is complemented by a less-serious source of humor. The two attitudes counteract each other and make Musk the ideal candidate to run a company that plans to change the world in more than one way.

Elon Musk custom Tesla-branded Nike shoes (Credit: DMCustomSneakers via Instagram)

Whether Musk’s instant discount of the Model S was a jab at Lucid or simply an attempt at lightening the mood in 2020, we may never know for certain. However, the slightly lower price could invoke some more competition between the two companies. Perhaps Lucid will also introduce a price reduction, which will only benefit the EV consumer base as a whole. The only difference is that Tesla is producing the Model S currently. Lucid Air reservation holders will have to wait another year.

Musk is certainly a one-of-a-kind boss that many enthusiasts would love to spend some time with. However, his sense of humor really makes Tesla one of the most interesting companies on Earth simply because of the counterintuitiveness that comes with the dire mission the automaker represents.

As Elbert Hubbard once said, “Don’t take life too seriously, you’ll never get out alive.”

Elon Musk’s lighthearted humor and Tesla’s ‘Master Plan’
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