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EPA expected to drop bombshell ICE vehicle regulation

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A new report from the EPA indicates that the agency may release a set of dramatic new ICE vehicle regulations as soon as next week.

Outside of the EV production ramp taken on by some of the most notable automakers on the planet, national governments worldwide are instituting ever-tightening regulations on gas-powered vehicles that are currently sold. Recently, the European Union released its Euro 7 emissions standards, and now, the U.S. EPA is poised to do the same, according to a new report from the New York Times.

As unearthed by the NYT, the EPA’s newest regulations on ICE vehicles could be some of the most stringent the United States has ever seen. According to anonymous insider sources, the regulation would require up to two-thirds of vehicles sold in the U.S. to be 100% electric by 2032, a significant jump from the current goal of 50%, set by the Biden administration late last year.

Not only would this new regulation be a massive jump in terms of the goals of the Biden Administration, but it would also be a monumental leap regarding the number of EVs on the road. Just last year, only 5.8% of all vehicles sold were electric, meaning this new regulation would be more than an 11-fold increase in market share by 2032.

The EPA was not immediately available to comment on the validity of this report to Teslarati. However, in a comment to the NYT, one EPA spokesman stated that the agency is currently working on a plan to accelerate the EV transition, though they were not specific regarding the policy’s goals. The EPA is expected to announce these proposed new regulations in Detroit this upcoming Wednesday.

After being proposed, the policy would be open for public comment and go through a lengthy government review process before being finalized.

It should be noted that with the 2024 Presidential race already beginning to heat up, it remains unclear if this new policy would survive the next administration. Still, under pressure from environmental groups to act after opening a new oil drilling location in Alaska, President Biden may attempt to push the new rule through before his term in office.

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EPA expected to drop bombshell ICE vehicle regulation
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