F-150 Lightning vs Tesla Cybertruck vs Rivian R1T: How Ford’s new EV stacks up against younger competitors

Ford recently unveiled the F-150 Lightning, marking the entry of another legacy automaker into the all-electric pickup truck market. The Ford F-150 is an iconic pickup truck, and its transition to the electric vehicle spectrum is a big step for American auto manufacturing.

However, as the Ford F-150 enters a new playing field, the OEM will be met with new contenders from startup EV makers such as Rivian and Tesla. While the Ford F-150 has been the standard for pickup trucks, Tesla has made a name for itself in the EV space. Rivian seeks to forge its own path in the EV market by delivering the first all-electric pickup truck to customers as well.

Rivian aims to start deliveries of the R1T Launch Edition in June 2021. As such, the Rivian R1T will be the first all-electric pickup truck to hit the market. Rivian told Teslarati that it has started contacting reservation holders in preparation for deliveries. Along with the start of deliveries, Rivian plans to launch a 4-month Demonstration Drive program across the United States to help new owners navigate their R1T pickup trucks. 

The Tesla Cybertruck will be produced in Gigafactory Texas, which has been progressing rather quickly. Tesla has also started reaching out to Cybertruck reservation holders and reiterating its late 2021 delivery goal for the Tri-Motor AWD and Dual-Motor AWD variants.

Ford still has about a year to go before producing the all-electric F-150 Lightning at its Rouge plant. The legacy automaker plans to produce four variants of the F-150 Lightning, including one specifically produced and priced for business owners. Ford has not listed the price of the Lariat or Platinum yet. However, it did state that the Lightning’s MSRP starts at $39,974 and goes up to $90,474.

When it comes to function and utility, each of the electric pickup trucks has its advantages. For instance, Rivian made the R1T for owners who seek adventures outdoors. To accommodate future R1T explorers, Rivian has included certain features like the Gear Tunnel for muddy or wet items and an air compressor with a maximum pressure of 150 psi for tires or inflatable items.

On the other hand, the Ford F-150 Lightning seems geared more towards business owners. Ford seems to know its customer base very well as it added certain details to the F-150 Lightning that would be useful on the job site, like enhanced zone lighting and a slew of power outlets both front and back.

In a unique twist, the OEM also built the F-150 Lightning with Ford Intelligent backup power, allowing the vehicle to off-board up to 9.6 kW of peak energy. Ford estimates that the F-150 Lightning can power an entire home for three days or up to ten days if the power is rationed. Its estimates are based on home usage of 30 kWh per day using the F-150 Lightning’s extended battery.

The Tesla Cybertruck seems to tread the middle ground compared to the Rivian R1T and the Ford F-150 Lightning. Each Cybertruck variant could meet the need of explorers or business owners. Tesla also has its unique software system for Cybertruck owners, which has become an ecosystem of its own with features like Camp Mode, Dog Mode, Sentry Mode, and Tesla Theater, among others.

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F-150 Lightning vs Tesla Cybertruck vs Rivian R1T: How Ford’s new EV stacks up against younger competitors
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