Faraday Future brings on veteran BMW/Deutsche CFO to head up finances

Faraday Future has brought on former Deutsche Bank and BMW head of finance Stefan Krause as the company’s new Global Chief Financial Officer. Krause assumes ownership over the core pillars of internal financials including corporate finance, investor relations, capital management among other responsibilities.

Krause’s hire is seen as a push by the Chinese-backed upstart to add executive guidance to its financial team, which in recent months has come under intense scrutiny after Nevada’s State Treasurer said it was “pretty much over” for the aspiring electric car company.

The company has struggled with establishing a reputable financial presence while racing to compete with Tesla in the luxury electric vehicle segment, burning through a sizable $1 billion in seed money along the way.

Most recently, Faraday Future revealed that original plans calling for a massive 3 million square foot factory in north Las Vegas has been reduced to a “650,000-square foot mini-plant” to be completed sometime in August. This move brought into question internal financials while at the same time, shaking the confidence of state officials who had built a robust tax incentive package for Faraday based on the full scale factory.

Krause will bring nearly 30 years of executive experience in international business to Faraday Future and he’s optimistic about it:

“At Faraday Future, I have the unique opportunity to lead an organization focused on the future of mobility,” said Krause. “I’m excited to join this team of dedicated, highly talented individuals, and to establish critical investor relationships that will help grow the company as Faraday Future establishes a strong presence in t­­he global technology marketplace.”

As Faraday Future seeks to blast out of the production gates with the same energy that they’ve charged into the luxury EV market with, they’re going to need significant capital if the company has any shot at succeeding. Faraday landing a seasoned CFO is a great sign for the company but ultimately, time will tell if they have what it takes to bring FF91 and friends to market.

View the full press release by Faraday Future.

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