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FedEx launches Ford E-Transit pilot to test last-mile delivery decarbonization

Credit: FedEx

FedEx is testing the Ford E-Transit as a delivery vehicle for its SameDay City delivery service, the company announced. The program will assess the E-Transit’s effectiveness as a delivery van while also being an introductory part of FedEx’s plan to have zero tailpipe emission vehicles across its fleet by 2040.

Initially, FedEx is testing ten Ford E-Transit vans across the United States, where the all-electric utility van will operate within the logistic giant’s SameDay City delivery service, which offers door-to-door delivery of time-sensitive parcels within hours with real-time notifications.

“The EV market for commercial vehicles now has more options than ever before, enabling FedEx Office to explore different sustainable vehicle technologies to incorporate into our fleet as FedEx works to electrify its entire parcel pickup and delivery fleet by 2040,” Biran Philips, President and CEO of FedEx Office. “FedEx SameDay City is a perfect use-case for testing the capabilities of the Ford E-Transit. With the vehicle’s range and the availability of charging infrastructure, we are excited to see how this vehicle performs in our operation and helps us understand the path forward to scale an electrification strategy for FedEx Office.”

FedEx said it is testing the vehicles in nine markets: Chandler, Arizona, Newark, California, Boca Raton, Clearwater, and Plantation, Florida, Chicago, Illinois, Madison Heights, Michigan, and Allen, and Frisco, Texas.

FedEx has already taken delivery of EV delivery vans from BrightDrop. The company announced in June 2022 that it had 150 units of the Zevo 600 from the GM startup in its possession and planned to utilize the vehicles for last-mile deliveries.

Several companies, including Wal-Mart and Amazon, are utilizing electric delivery van models to test last-mile deliveries. Wal-Mart purchased 4,500 Canoo all-electric deliver vans that will make last-mile deliveries. Meanwhile, Amazon’s Rivian EDVs will also help the e-commerce giant decarbonize its last-mile logistics.

Rivian’s Amazon EV delivery van will drop packages in 100 cities by end of 2022

“We are thrilled FedEx Office selected E-Transit as the test battery electric vehicle for FedEx SameDay City,” General Manager for Ford Pro North America, Tim Baughman, said. “Ford Pro’s advancements in technology and work-ready electric products will help companies like FedEx improve productivity, lower ownership cost, and accelerate a carbon emissions-free future.”

Along with the Ford E-Transit, FedEx is currently designing Roxo, the FedEx SameDay Delivery Bot. FedEx said Roxo “could help transform the future of shipping and logistics by making widespread same-day, last-mile delivery a reality while providing a safer, more sustainable solution with reduced street traffic and emissions.”

FedEx launches Ford E-Transit pilot to test last-mile delivery decarbonization
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