First sighting of Tesla Model 3 release candidate in Los Angeles

Amid numerous sightings of Tesla’s production-ready Model 3 in Northern California and as far as New Zealand, Teslarati has received tips that the highly anticipated electric car has made its way down to Los Angeles. A tipster by the name of “Martian X” sent us the following photos via the Teslarati app, revealing a silver Model 3 release candidate stationed at the Tesla Service Center in Burbank, California Monday morning. Though a metallic silver Model 3 Alpha has been spotted outside of SpaceX on several occasions, today’s sighting is the first time we’re seeing a release candidate making its way down to Southern California.

According to sources at the Burbank Supercharger and Service Center (streetview), Tesla staff were unaware that Model 3 would be making an appearance Monday. Technicians quickly surrounded the vehicle, taking note of the door handles, body panels, and interior amenities.


From the photos, we can see the same interior trim that recently hinted at Model 3’s 300+ mile range. We’re also seeing the same aerodynamic wheels akin to Tesla’s discontinued “Aero” wheels which were available for a limited time on the Model S. Everything seen on the Model 3 in Burbank is identical to details revealed in recent spy shots.

Today’s sighting is significant because it’s the first time we’re publicly seeing the Model 3 down in Southern California, but also because Los Angeles is home to Tesla’s Design Center and location for nearly all of Tesla’s grand events. First delivery of Model 3 is expected to take place within the next 4 – 5 weeks which will likely coincide with the Tesla Model 3 final unveiling event.

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First sighting of Tesla Model 3 release candidate in Los Angeles
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