First Tesla FSD Beta V11.3 real-world tests peek at unified stack’s performance

Image Credit: @Winnersechelon/Twitter

The first videos of Tesla FSD Beta V11.3 have been shared online, and so far, they are quite impressive. If the recently shared videos from the Tesla community are any indication, it would appear that the utilization of a single software stack has indeed made FSD Beta smoother. 

Tesla retail investor and FSD Beta tester @Winnersechelon was among the fortunate drivers who received the V11.3 update. Since receiving it, the FSD Beta tester has shared several videos showcasing the system’s performance in real-world scenarios. From the videos, one could see some interesting behaviors from FSD Beta V11.3. 

First off, the updated visuals of FSD Beta V11.3 are a welcome change to the system. The updated graphics in the system’s visualizations are more refined, though the FSD Beta tester noted that steering wheel nags are still present. Elon Musk has already stated that FSD Beta nags are on the way out, so it might only be a matter of time before the nags are really retired. 

Perhaps most interesting about the FSD Beta tester’s videos, however, are those which involve the system traveling from inner city streets to the highway and back. The clips shared so far show FSD Beta V11.3 navigating both locations with confidence, though the Tesla owner mentioned that the system still needed prodding with the accelerator pedal at times. The FSD Beta tester, however, highlighted that V11.3 was noticeably smoother in certain areas. 

Of course, it’s a bit too early to declare FSD Beta V11.3 a complete success. Its rollout is still very limited, and the real-world videos from those who use it are still very few. It should also be noted that the vehicle used by the FSD Beta tester in the recently shared videos was a 2020 Tesla that still had ultrasonic sensors. It would then be interesting to see the real-world FSD Beta V11.3 performance of newer vehicles that utilize a vision-only system for any potential variance. 

While the utilization of a single software stack headlined the FSD Beta V11.3 release notes, the update also features a number of key improvements that make the system more humanlike and competent on the road. These include improvements to the Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) system, improvements to the reaction time to red light runners and stop light runners, and handling improvements through high speed and high curvature scenarios. 

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First Tesla FSD Beta V11.3 real-world tests peek at unified stack’s performance
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