Truck spotted hauling 5 Tesla Cybertrucks in Texas

Credit: Kenneth Neuberger (via Greggertruck on X)

In the latest sighting of Tesla’s highly anticipated Cybertruck, one onlooker spotted a semi-truck hauling five of the electric pickups in Texas this week.

X user Greggertruck posted photos of a semi hauling five Cybertrucks on Tuesday, as originally spotted heading west on Interstate 10 in San Antonio. The trucks were originally spotted by Kenneth Neuberger of Tesla Owners San Antonio, who reportedly took the photos earlier in the day on Tuesday.

The photos show three Cybertrucks on the hauler’s top layer, with two more included on the truck’s lower level. At least one of the trucks has mud behind the rear tires, suggesting that it may have been performing some kind of testing — at least doing some driving on a non-paved road.

You can see Greggertrucks’ full post on X below.

Cybertrucks have been spotted regularly over the past several weeks, ahead of Tesla’s plans to begin initial deliveries in the coming months. Another Cybertruck was spotted this week by Bearded Tesla Guy, as can be seen below.

A handful of the electric truck’s features have also been shown off on public roads in recent weeks, including its quick acceleration, rear-wheel-steering, air suspension, and a number of unique wraps.

At Tesla’s Gigafactory in Austin, Texas this week, the Cybertruck was spotted following some crash testing, though it’s still not exactly clear when the vehicle will be launched. One tracker showed that the Cybertruck reservation count has surpassed two million, and many hoped that Tesla would be able to keep to plans of a Q3 delivery event.

Greggertruck also recently spotted that a Cybertruck on display at the Petersen Automotive Museum is set to be auctioned off on Friday as part of the museum’s 29th annual Gala. The event will be hosted by Jay Leno, who recently shared a video on YouTube hauling a Tesla Semi with another Tesla Semi.

Jay Leno hauled a Tesla Semi with another Tesla Semi

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Truck spotted hauling 5 Tesla Cybertrucks in Texas
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