Ford BlueCruise launches in third European country

(Credit: Ford)

Ford’s BlueCruise recently launched in its third European country. 

BlueCruise is advertised as a hands-free driver-assist technology for highways. Its hand-free capabilities only apply to what Ford describes as Blue Zones. BlueCruise is available in Ford and Lincoln vehicles. 

BlueCruise is authorized for use in Great Britain and Germany in Europe. Great Britain was the first European country to approve BlueCruise for its motorway network. Germany quickly followed Great Britain, and BlueCruise recently launched in Spain.

“The momentum hasn’t stopped there. Currently, our customers have spent 1.8 million hours using BlueCruise and have driven 125 million hands-free miles and counting,” Ford BlueCruise General Manager Ashley Lambrix. 

In January 2023, Consumer Reports (CR) named Ford’s BlueCruise its “top-rated” active driving assistance system (ADAS). BlueCruise ousted CR’s previous top-rated ADAS, General Motors’ Super Cruise. Ford has a lot in the works for BlueCruise, also available in the United States and Canada.

“We have a lot on the horizon as we head into Q4. In the U.S. and Canada, as 2024 model year vehicle order banks start to open on vehicles with BlueCruise available on many or all trims, including – Ford F-150, F-150 Lightning, Mustang Mach-E, Ford Expedition, Lincoln Navigator, Lincoln Nautilus and Lincoln Corsair – customers will have a lot more BlueCruise-equipped vehicles to choose from,” added Lambrix. 

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Ford BlueCruise launches in third European country
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