Woman using Phone-as-a-Key feature with Ford F-150 Lightning

Ford adds cool new features for EV owners in rare Smartphone app update

Credit: Ford

Ford is making the electric vehicle ownership experience much better as it sent out a rare Smartphone app update that added several cool new features.

The FordPass app allows Ford vehicle owners to start, unlock, and lock their cars without using a physical key. Owners can also perform scheduled maintenance and unlock EV chargers in preparation for a charging session.

This even works with Tesla Superchargers, which Ford gained access to earlier this year.

Ford rolled out a new version of FordPass to customers and it has helped add new features to all vehicles, but EVs got some special attention.

EV owners will now have “even more capabilities” thanks to the app, including one-tap vehicle controls, quicker access to the Smartphone key, and enhanced charge management, including a “simplified slider for a target charge.”

Additionally, Ford F-150 Lightning owners received a new climate control feature that allows them to prepare their cabin for access. No more getting inside a truck cab that is too hot or too cold. The app will allow you to get it just right.

The remote climate control feature that Ford rolled out for the F-150 Lightning is a widely popular feature that Tesla owners are super familiar with. In fact, Tesla refined the feature in a recent software update, adding more efficient cabin cooling with a modification to the HVAC system.

Ford CEO Jim Farley announced the FordPass update:

There are also several improvements to ICE vehicles, but they mostly have to do with UI appearance, which also applies to EV owners.

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Ford adds cool new features for EV owners in rare Smartphone app update
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