Ford Mustang Mach-E sales are keeping pace in the US, but it could easily be better

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At this point, there seems to be no doubt that Ford made a very decent electric vehicle in the Mustang Mach-E. Respected by veteran EV owners and critics alike, the Mach-E seems to have what it takes to eventually become a classic in the Blue Oval’s stable. Sales-wise, the Mach-E seems to be doing well, with Ford North America Product Communications director Mike Levine noting that the vehicle’s sales expanded 9.2% in September

This meant that Ford was able to sell 18,855 Mach-Es through September. However, one cannot deny that this number could easily be better, since the Mach-E — or at least in some Ford dealerships — remain hobbled by substantial “market adjustments.” Take this Ford Mustang Mach-E GT, for example. As shared by the electric vehicle community, the vehicle was given a $20,000 market adjustment by the dealer. 

This made the price of the Mach-E GT into a whopping $89,200, far above the price of the Tesla Model Y Performance, its closest competitor. Interestingly enough, the Ford executive responded to the post about the Mach-E GT’s $20,000 market adjustment, though he only highlighted that he would gladly help any potential buyers find dealers that will sell the vehicle at MSRP. This is quite unfortunate considering that a few months ago, Levine actively worked with the online EV community to address the Mach-E’s market adjustment issues. 

Back in March, the online car community shared an image of a Ford Mustang Mach-E 1st Edition Premium at an Illinois dealership that was given a massive $10,000 market adjustment. The dealership reportedly did non allow test drives on the vehicle, either. Responding to the post, Levine noted that the markup had been removed from the Mach-E in question. 

The Ford Mustang Mach-E is arguably the closest thing to a Tesla alternative in the market today. Teslas may be the most popular electric cars in the market now, but they are not for everyone. There will always be a segment of the car-buying public that would refuse to purchase a Tesla one way or another. And for these buyers, the Mach-E is a perfect choice as it offers the advantages of a modern EV, such as great performance and decent range, at a price that is not on the same level as a Mercedes-Benz EQS or a Porsche Taycan. 

The Mach-E’s price is arguably one of the vehicle’s strongest selling points. But with market adjustments that go as high as $20,000 per vehicle, potential buyers of the Mach-E might very well get discouraged from purchasing the all-electric crossover. At $89,200, the Mach-E GT could end up not competing with its peers like the Model Y anymore. At that level, the Mach-E GT is nearly closing in on the price of larger, more premium EVs like the Tesla Model S, which starts at $89,990. 

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Ford Mustang Mach-E sales are keeping pace in the US, but it could easily be better
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