General Motors subsidiary providing EV battery tech for military project

(Credit: GM Defense)

A General Motors subsidiary, GM Defense, is providing commercial electric vehicle (EV) battery technology to a study by the University of Texas in Arlington (UTA) and the Naval Surface Warfare Center Philadelphia Division. The study is testing EV batteries for military use.

The United States Department of Defense (DOD) is funding the study with UTA’s Pulsed Power and Energy Laboratory. Through testing, the DOD wants to see how well EV batteries perform in different charging and discharging conditions. 

The main goal of the study is to determine whether commercial EV batteries can be used in high-power military applications. The DOD hopes the study’s results will help it design EV batteries for military use that can handle rigorous operations. 

“The work performed under this new effort will provide critical insights into the performance and design considerations necessary for batteries used in dynamic, high-power operations.

“Our collaboration with UTA and NSWCPD, supported by OECIF, underscores our commitment to advancing energy technologies that provide the DoD with enhanced capabilities,” said spokesperson GM Defense.

General Motors has been playing electric vehicle designs for military use. Last year, the company unveiled a GMC Hummer EV design for military use

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General Motors subsidiary providing EV battery tech for military project
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