General Motors has a growing Tesla repair business

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General Motors (GM) has started to repair Tesla vehicles at its dealerships, making it a growing new business for the legacy automaker. 

“That’s a growing business for us. I gotta say it’s a new business,” said GM President Mark Reuss during the automaker’s Investor Day 2022

So far, GM dealers have fixed more than 11,000 Tesla vehicles. General Motors noted that it has service centers located within 10 miles of 90% of the US population, making it a convenient place to reach when customers need to repair their cars—electric or otherwise. 

Tesla does not have dealerships since it has a direct-to-consumer sales model. However, the EV manufacturer has multi-purpose Tesla Centers that handle sales, service, and deliveries. It also has Tesla Mobile Service, enabling owners to get their cars repaired anywhere. 

As a long-established automaker, General Motors has an extensive network of dealerships that offer repair services. Tesla has grown exponentially in the last few years in production and sales. 

With its growing fleet, though, Tesla needs to develop its customer care services. The Texas-based EV automaker is working hard to deliver good repair services to its customers by building more supporting infrastructure for its growing fleet and customer base. 

For instance, Tesla has started ramping up construction on Supercharger stations worldwide and building more multi-purpose centers with service facilities. Elon Musk admitted that Tesla needs to improve its service facilities. In September, Musk noted that he is spending a lot of personal time developing Tesla service. 

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General Motors has a growing Tesla repair business
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