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GMC Hummer EV sits lifeless in dealer service garage with no answers in sight

Credit: @Benji_OOS | Hummer EV Page on Facebook

A GMC Hummer EV is sitting lifeless in a dealership garage with relatively no answers in sight, according to a TikTok posted to the platform.

The video posted by @KaylaKolben on TikTok has since been deleted. Luckily, it was saved and reposted by @TrendSurf3r on Twitter and shows a tech lamenting how a Hummer EV that was brought to the service station was unable to start after staying the night. The video concludes with the video creator asking, “[is the] service industry ready for electric vehicles?? or nah.”

The video starts with the Hummer EV sitting in one of the bays of a service center, looking to be in perfect shape. However, the video creator quickly describes the incident, which basically encapsulates the entire situation. The Hummer came into the service center the previous night (for an unknown reason), and the following day, the vehicle was unable to start. When GM was contacted by the service team to address the issue, GM failed to correct it. GM did not respond to Teslarati’s request for comment.

The shocking information about the video was that GM could not fix the issue, leading to many questions. Is this Hummer affected by GM’s decision to void the warranties of vehicles that have been re-sold too quickly, preventing the service center from working on it? Or does the truck have an issue that GM has yet to solve? Finally, has the truck been fixed as of today?

Until more info is released either by the tech or GM, we may not be able to know what occurred to prevent the Hummer from starting. The issue may be software-related, there may be physical damage to the undercarriage and; either damaging the battery, wiring, or battery control module, still, or there may be an issue with the interior controls (being unresponsive for some reason). This article will be updated as more info becomes available.

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GMC Hummer EV sits lifeless in dealer service garage with no answers in sight
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