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Wuling goes global with Air EV unveiling

Official car of the G20 Summit (Credit: Wuling)

Wuling, the partnership EV brand between Chinese brand SGMW and General Motors, has launched its global expansion by unveiling the Air EV Indonesia today.

Wuling is a brand people outside of China have often not heard of. The brand is the partnership brand between Chinese SGMW and General Motors and has sold over 1 million vehicles in the past five years in China alone and is now looking to expand. The brand introduced its Air EV in Indonesia today with plans to deliver cars in India and Egypt later this year, with more regions planned for the future.

In their rollout event, Wuling representatives were joined by the Chinese ambassador to Indonesia and Indonesian government officials. During the vent, the brand not only highlighted its success in China but its endorsement by the G20 summit, becoming the official car of the conference.

The car is a small 2-door electric vehicle with a limited range, primarily designed for city driving, but prides itself on its easy operability, low upfront cost, and no-frills experience. The vehicle seats 4, has a single 40 horsepower motor powering the front wheels, and has a range of 186 miles, according to the company.

The vehicle has become notable recently as it has outsold competitors such as the Model 3 and even other models from Chinese brands like BYD and Nio. This success has allowed the company to now expand globally.

In the announcement, the company stated that it was working to change the stereotype associated with “Made in China.” The brand said the car would display a “superior-quality travel experience and commitment to environmental sustainability.” Nonetheless, the company will face an uphill battle as it looks to expand to areas where Chinese tensions are high.

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Wuling goes global with Air EV unveiling
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