How To Install Snow Chains on a Tesla Model S

Step by step video guide to installing snow chains on your Tesla

Earlier generations of the Tesla Model S were able to achieve unparalleled winter driving performance through its sophisticated Traction and Stability Control despite not having all-wheel-drive later introduced in the “D” variants.

Having a great set of snow tires is a must-have for Model S owners that live in areas with seasonal change and snow, however for those that live in warmer climates throughout the year, yet want the option to venture out into snowier territories on occasion, having snow chains is a great alternative to purchasing a dedicated set of winter wheels and tires.

The Trak Sport snow chain system is known to provide excellent traction and durability in snowy conditions, but more importantly it’s easier to install than your traditional chains due to the way it gets mounted. If you’ve ever installed snow chains before, you’ll know how difficult it is to wrap the chains around the inner portion of the tire. The Trak Sport on the other hand is designed to utilize the outer side of the drive wheels as the single fixing point rather than having complex attachments to the inner side.

The following video highlights the steps needed for installation of the Trak Sport snow chain system onto the Model S 19″ wheels.

Source: Jake Poznanski

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How To Install Snow Chains on a Tesla Model S
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