JustAnswer raised over $600K to help Ukraine; partnered with SpaceX to provide Starlink

JustAnswer raised over $600K to help Ukraine; partnered with SpaceX to provide Starlink

Credit: Starlink

JustAnswer announced that it raised over $600,000 to help Ukraine. The platform also said that it partnered with SpaceX to provide almost 1,000 Starlink devices which protected critically important IT infrastructure.

The platform,  which provides customers access to experts such as doctors and lawyers, partnered with the Arizae Foundation to raise over $600,000 for Ukraine relief efforts since the Russian invasion in February. Along with funding the Starlink dishes, the two organizations have helped:

  • Create seven fully equipped shelters in Western Ukraine
  • Deliver medical supplies and humanitarian aid to those in need in Kharkiv and Kyiv combat zones and the Lviv Military Hospital
  • Provide supplies to defenders including bulletproof vests and helmets, night vision systems, patrol drones, etc. – many of which were hand-delivered by JustAnswer CEO and Founder Andy Kurtzig and his family
  • Support the creation of a satellite defense system through the Sky Project
  • Launch a new safety project called VISION in partnership with the Ukraine National Police that equips Lviv with security cameras and face recognition systems to detect all saboteur groups and criminals, prevent crimes and find fugitives

In a statement, JustAnswer CEO Andy Kurtzig affirmed the company’s commitment to Ukraine while other companies have either pulled out or scaled back operations.

“From the day JustAnswer first established an office in Ukraine and throughout these incredibly challenging times since the Russian invasion in February, we have remained 100% committed to Ukraine and our team there.”

“Many other companies have pulled out of Ukraine or scaled back operations there, but that’s exactly what Putin wants. We’re not going to run away. The Ukrainian people are smart, kind, and honest people who have been fighting for their freedom for hundreds of years, including lots of progress in the last 35 years. And, they’ve been getting very close to full independence over the last 8 years. We stand with Ukraine and will continue to fight for Ukraine’s freedom.”

Elon Musk has also provided thousands of Starlink dishes to the nation since the invasion. Ukraine’s Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation, Mykhailo Fedorov said that Starlink dishes were provided free of charge and that Starlink has helped the nation provide accurate information about the ongoing war.

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JustAnswer raised over $600K to help Ukraine; partnered with SpaceX to provide Starlink
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