Tesla Floor Mats by Lloyd Review

Tesla Floor Mats by Lloyd

Driving barefoot has never been so fun until Lloyd’s custom Tesla floor mats came along.

The Tesla floor mats are often an overlooked necessity of the vehicle despite being key barriers of protection between dirt and grime (from your feet) to the interior floor of the vehicle. However, the factory mats are also known to be notoriously cheap in quality, flimsy, and overall does not fit the level of luxury that Model S owners have come to expect from such a high-end vehicle. The custom Luxe Tesla Model S floor mats by Lloyd looks to address these deficiencies through impeccable quality and world class luxury.

Initial Impressions

The entire 6-piece Luxe set arrives rolled-up in a large (and quite heavy) box with the Lloyd insignia clearly displayed across the packaging. The mats are noticeably thicker than the flimsy and lightweight factory floor mats. The luxurious deep pile of the carpet instantly channels your insatiable inner-appetite to step on it. Unlike the factory mats which utilizes cheap plastic studs for grip, Lloyd mats are backed by a rubberized sole that provides skid-free traction while also acting as a moisture barrier. I opted for the Luxe mat in black which appeared noticeably richer and darker in color than the factory mat. Some of this might be due to the fact that the factory mats have dulled from use over time. That, combined with increased yarn density of the Luxe mat, over the factory’s, compounds the color distinction. Tesla Floor Mats by Lloyd vs Factory

Durability and Comfort

Tesla Floor Mats Flop

The notorious Tesla factory ‘mat flop’

The Tesla Model S factory floor mats are notorious for exhibiting ‘mat flop’ given its thin and flimsy construction. The complaints from Model S owners, myself included, were so abundant that some Tesla Service Centers allegedly provided owners with a revised, and less floppy mat. Nevertheless, the quality of the factory mat was still subpar relative to the overall elegance of the car itself. The Lloyd Luxe mat doesn’t shy away from being luxurious with its rich 2-ply continuous filament fibers, but more importantly it’s durable and gives you a true sense of elegance. The Luxe line of mats come in at nearly 1/2″ thick.

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In fact, so thick that the marketing material used by Lloyd showcases a copper penny being buried within the deep pile. It might even be too plush for some, but in my opinion you can’t beat the comfort. Your feet will thank you for it especially during a long Tesla road trip. You may even find yourself driving barefoot at times.

Those that live in snowier and rainier climates may want to go with the less dense Lloyd ULTIMATS alternative which may be easier to maintain and clean.

Tesla Floor Mats by LloydTesla Floor Mats by Lloyd Tesla Floor Mats by Lloyd (trunk) Tesla Floor Mats by Lloyd (rear seats)


The Lloyd Luxe mats are available in black, parchmant and grey to suit the interior of the Model S. The set of black that I received matched relatively well with the color of the frunk and trunk, however I found the interior floor mats to be slightly darker in color than the factory set. The difference in shade is not enough to actually bother me nor something I would have even noticed if it weren’t for this review, but nevertheless it’s worth noting. Tesla Floor Mats by Lloyd (frunk)

It’s also worth noting that the front mats have two anchor holes that allow you to secure the mat using plastic anchors (included). I didn’t find a need for this due to the non-slip rubberized backing, but also because the mat itself is very solid in feel and does not slide around even during very spirited driving.

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Tesla Floor Mats by Lloyd (driver's side) Each precision cut mat fits flawlessly within its designated area. The size of each mat is slightly larger than its factory counterpart, presumably by design, which I found to be even better fitting than the stock mats.


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