Los Angeles International Airport nears completion of 1,300 EV chargers

Credit: ABM

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is nearing the completion of 1,300 EV charging locations in its parking areas.

According to local news station KTLA 75, LAX is nearing completion of 1,300 EV charging locations in its parking lots, capable of either level 2 or level 3 fast charging. According to ABM, the contractor in charge of construction, completing this project by the end of the year will mean the airport will become one of the largest charging hubs in the US.

As EVs become ever more popular in California, particularly in Los Angeles, more infrastructure has been needed to keep the vehicles charged and on the road. One such location that has been the hub for travelers either visiting LA or leaving the city is LAX. To meet demand, the airport has been drastically increasing its charging infrastructure.

Visitors can find the chargers placed on the premises in the numerous airport parking areas, but most are currently in parking garages. In total, the airport currently operates 832 EV chargers. Further outside of the airport, Tesla also operates its own charging infrastructure, including three destination chargers and one Supercharger.

When using the LAX charging locations, customers are charged a $2 fee and $0.45 per kilowatt hour after that.

As LAX and many other Los Angeles locations continue to build EV charging infrastructure, EVs themselves are becoming more and more used by not only residents but by government organizations as well. Earlier this year, the LA City Council voted in favor of an EV “Master Plan” that will be switching city-operated vehicles to electric over the coming years, including over 10,000 city-operated vehicles from the LAPD, LAFD, the Department of General Services, and more.

LA will likely not be the only city forced to dramatically increase charging infrastructure over the coming years, but expect drastic construction of projects, much like this one, in many areas around the US. Other large airports, especially hubs like LAX (Atlanta, Dallas/Fort Worth, Chicago, Newark, and more,) will likely be some of the first to introduce more charging. Still, it will be needed everywhere, from dense city centers to rural areas and national parks.

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Los Angeles International Airport nears completion of 1,300 EV chargers
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