Lucid delays Air Touring availability to Q4 2022

Credit: Lucid Motors

Customers who wish to place new orders for the Lucid Air Touring variant may be up for an extended wait. As could be seen in the electric vehicle maker’s online configurator, new orders for the Lucid Air Touring are now given an estimated Q4 2022 availability date. 

Prior to its recent update, orders for the Lucid Air Touring were listed with a Q3 2022 availability estimate. Interestingly enough, the base variant of the luxury all-electric sedan, the Lucid Air Pure, is still listed with an estimated availability date of Q4 2022. 

Lucid has not provided its reasons behind the updated estimates for the Air Touring variant, though speculations suggest that the company may be focusing its efforts on the more premium Air Grand Touring instead. Supply chain challenges may also be a factor in the Lucid Air Touring’s delay. 

Members of the Lucid Owners’ Forum have posted updates from the automaker about their Air Touring orders. A reservation holder, for example, was reportedly informed that customers who ordered the Lucid Air Touring before the updated timeframe was rolled out could still receive their vehicles in the third quarter. 

The same would likely not be true for Lucid Air Touring orders placed today. Considering the challenges being faced by the company in its vehicle production ramp and in its supply chain, customers who order the Air Touring today could probably expect their vehicles sometime in the fourth quarter, or perhaps even later.

Lucid may have received some orders for its Air sedan earlier this month, especially after the company announced a price increase that would be rolled out for the luxury all-electric car starting June 1, 2022. The Lucid Air Touring, for example, currently starts at $95,000, but after the price increase next month, the vehicle would start at a much more premium $107,000. 

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Lucid delays Air Touring availability to Q4 2022
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