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Maserati unveils its first all electric SUV, the ‘Greek Thunderbolt’

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Maserati has unveiled its first all-electric SUV, the Maserati Grecale Folgore.

Maserati, like many other Italian luxury brands, has been slow to produce electric vehicles. Still, with ever-tightening regulations on gas alternatives, Maserati is finally introducing its first all-electric high-performance offerings. The brand’s first EV offering, the GranTurismo Folgore, is an all-electric variant of the brand’s historic GranTurismo coupe. Now, the brand has also introduced an all-electric SUV, the Maserati Grecale Folgore.

The Maserati Grecale Folgore, or “Greek Thunderbolt” in English, is the historic Italian brand’s first all-electric SUV offering, which it showed off today at the Shanghai Auto Show. Much like its all-electric coupe sibling, the Grecale Folgore will first be introduced to China before entering Western markets. Maserati has not announced when the vehicle will first become available.

While Maserati has not released a full list of specifications, its website has teased some enticing features and capabilities. The Grecale Folgore will come with over 500 horsepower and over 590 pound-feet of torque, powered by a sizeable 105kWh battery. The brand states that the upcoming electric SUV will have a top speed of 124mph.

Maserati’s announcement today notes that the Grecale is just one part of the brand’s new and aggressive EV strategy, which it will implement completely by the decade’s end. By 2025, the automaker will offer an EV variant of every vehicle it sells, and by 2030, all of its vehicles will be 100% electric.

“It’s a defining moment for the Maserati brand,” says CEO Davide Grasso. “Today, we’re in China at the Shanghai Auto Show; we’re in Italy for the cosmopolitan Milano Design Week event; we’re all over the world celebrating the future: it’s a new beginning for the brand. We’re celebrating Folgore, the electrification plan that has become a reality and is ready to pave the way in this revolutionary era.”

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Maserati unveils its first all electric SUV, the ‘Greek Thunderbolt’
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