Musk denies rumors that Tesla tapped new robotaxi head

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has denied recent rumors that the automaker is tapping one leader to head up the robotaxi team, after the claims circulated online over the past few days.

After rumors began circulating online that Tesla had hired Uber founder Travis Kalanick to either advise or lead the company’s robotaxi team last week, Musk responded to one post on Sunday saying the rumor was false.

The rumors came after some noticed last week that Musk had followed Kalanick on X, with many suggesting that the former Uber head, who departed in 2017, could be helping out with an upcoming ride-sharing platform for Tesla’s robotaxis.

It’s not clear at this point if Tesla and Musk have any plans with regard to Kalanick, though Musk’s response would suggest that there may not be anything business-related going on there.

Later on Sunday, Musk also highlighted the robotaxi and FSD team’s priority in the continued development of the systems:

Tesla is slated to unveil its upcoming robotaxi line on August 8, and the company has also already teased a ride-sharing mobile app for the platform. Based on its Full Self-Driving (FSD) system, the robotaxi platform has long been anticipated to be a crucial part of unlocking Tesla’s long-term valuation.

For the first time, Tesla has also been preparing to launch its FSD Supervised outside of North America, with the company recently gaining approval to have 10 vehicles in China test the system ahead of a public rollout.

Tesla has also been releasing point versions of the long-coveted FSD v12, with Musk recently saying that human interventions could soon take a “year of driving” to encounter. While this obviously means that the semi-automated driving system is improving rapidly, it also makes it difficult for Tesla to test the system on intervention cases.

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Musk denies rumors that Tesla tapped new robotaxi head
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