VinFast offering customers massive payouts for service issues and delays

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Vietnamese electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer VinFast is offering customers massive payouts for extended delays to service on their vehicles, in one of the more unique approaches to post-sales service.

VinFast is paying owners when their vehicles are in the shop, with the automaker offering $100 on minor issues and up to $300 for vehicle-disabling problems, alongside additional payments for service delays of over three days, according to Automotive News. The payments are being made in cash or service vouchers as part of the company’s commitment to customers as it enters the increasingly competitive EV market.

According to the automaker, the policy is not affiliated with the company’s 10-year, 120,000-mile warranty, and the company hopes it can attract buyers with its post-sales services.

“VinFast has taken the initiative to introduce an unprecedented after-sales policy in addition to existing services to provide customers with a satisfying and worry-free experience,” the automaker said in a statement.

VinFast service issues eligible for repair compensation

The company says it categorizes service issues into three types, as can be seen below.

  • Type 1: Minor repair issues — $100
    • “Type 1 includes issues that cause inconveniences but do not impact the use of the vehicle, such as air conditioner, the 360-camera system, etc.,” VinFast said.
  • Type 2: Issues causing inoperability — $300
    • Type 2 includes those that require rescue servicing, “such as regenerative braking or starting and stopping of the vehicle,” according to the company.
  • Type 3: Ongoing goodwill compensation for vehicles stuck in the shop — $100 per day available after the third day
    • “From the fourth day onward, eligible customers will be entitled for a goodwill compensation,” VinFast says.

VinFast also says there is no maximum limit to the $100-per-day payments, though the automaker says it “always tries to fix the issues as quickly as possible to return the cars to customers.”

Last December, VinFast launched its first vehicles in the U.S. with 999 VF 8 units, later facing a recall of all of its vehicles that was fixed through a software update in May.

In August, VinFast’s market capitalization reached $191 billion as its stock price surged to an all-time high of $82.35, ballooning $200 billion in just ten trading days and drawing comparisons to Tesla’s shares in 2020. At the time of writing, during closed-market weekend hours, its stock price has fallen back to 5.41 for a market cap of around $12.62 billion.

In September, it was discovered that over half of VinFast’s 2023 sales in the first half of the year were to parent company VinGroup’s own taxi company.

VinFast launches VF 8 ad campaign amid insane market momentum

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VinFast offering customers massive payouts for service issues and delays
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