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Nurburgring poised for new EV lap record

Credit: Automobili Estrema

An Italian EV startup called Automobili Estrema has launched a 2000+ horsepower EV hypercar that will take on the Nurburgring later this year.

Perhaps one of the most fascinating battles within the car world over the past few years has been the battle for the EV lap record at the Nurburgring. Manufacturers have pushed their top-of-the-line vehicles to the absolute limit as they look to take the lead. Now, a small EV startup from Italy is looking to disrupt auto titans with its new EV hypercar, the Automobili Estrema Fulminea.

The Automobili Estrema Fulminea looks like it came right off the set of Tron. With its aggressive rear wing, center fin, and equally menacing claw-esque headlights, the hypercar looks ready to take on anything, and luckily it has the specs to back it up. Via a quad motor all-wheel-drive setup, the car produces an astronomical 2040 horsepower (1.5MW), which the company claims is enough to rocket the vehicle from 0-200 miles per hour in under 10 seconds.

Credit: Automobili Estrema

Outside of its drivetrain, the Fulminea displays even more technical magic. The company advertises that it will use the world’s first “hybrid battery pack” that was designed in conjunction with IMECAR Elektronik. The battery combines lithium-ion cells, a trademarked “solid-state electrolyte,” and ultracapacitors. According to the company, this new battery technology not only allows the vehicle to achieve a 325-mile WLTP range via just over 100kWh of capacity, but it also keeps weight to a minimum, keeping the car’s total curb weight to just 3,300 pounds. For context, that’s more than a thousand pounds lighter than a Tesla Model S.

The Fulminea is already in production, with the first unit being available in June of this year. But don’t rush to grab a unit; only 61 will be made in total, each with a price tag of 1.96 million euros ($2,082,760).

That brings us to the vehicle’s mission, the Nordschleife.

For ages, the Nurburgring, or the “Green Hell,” has been recognized as one of the most challenging and competitive tracks on the planet, bringing automakers from around the world to test their highest-performance vehicles on its aggressive banks and long straightaways.

Via a Kickstarter started late last year, the company hopes to take the EV lap record away from the Porsche Taycan. With supporters’ backing, the company will bring the car to the track in September of this year, and with a full race staff, aim to achieve what could be the most challenging feat in motorsport.

As more electric hypercars come to fruition in the near future, many anticipate the Nurburgring becoming a far more popular destination for EV startups and legacy automakers alike. For those who enjoy watching motorsport and seeing humans explore the limits of our current technology, there has been no better time to be watching.

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Nurburgring poised for new EV lap record
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