Porsche is investing heavily in its Taycan workforce, 1,500 new jobs expected

Porsche has stated that the Taycan will be one of the most important cars in its history, comparable in significance to iconic vehicles like the legendary 911. Despite the car not being in production yet, the veteran automaker has revealed that the Taycan and its derivative — the Taycan Cross Tourismo — are already pushing the company to reach new heights.

In a recent press release, Porsche noted that by the end of 2018, the company employed 32,000 people across the globe, corresponding to an increase of 2,548 more employees (roughly 8.5%) compared to 2017. By mid-2018, the luxury carmaker announced that its workers exceeded 30,000 for the first time in its long history. A notable driver for this growth is the upcoming production and release of the Taycan, which is expected to enter its manufacturing stage sometime this year.

Porsche notes that in the coming months, it expects to hire more than 1,000 skilled employees who would be specifically assigned to produce the Taycan and later, the Taycan Cross Turismo. Overall, the German automaker expects its first all-electric vehicles to generate 1,500 new jobs at the company in total. These employees would be working at Porsche’s Zuffenhausen site, a location that is currently being augmented to prepare for the Taycan’s ramp.

The veteran carmaker appears to be sparing no expense to ensure that its Zuffenhausen site would be capable of meeting the demand for the all-electric sedan. Porsche has announced that it is investing  €700 million (over $797 million) to set up the necessary equipment and lines to build the Taycan. Among these improvements are a conveyor system that transports drive system components, a new assembly and logistics hall, a new paint shop, and a dedicated body shop. Overall, these improvements would allow Porsche to produce the Taycan in quantities that are far beyond its initial estimates.

Since opening preorders for the vehicle, Porsche has stated that reception to the Taycan has been overwhelmingly positive. In a previous interview with WirtschaftsWoche, Porsche CEO Olliver Blume stated that in Norway, a country where the company sells an average of 600 vehicles per year, reservations for the upcoming vehicle have nearly reached 3,000. This strong demand has reportedly encouraged the veteran carmaker to raise the Taycan’s initial target production from 20,000 units per year to 40,000.

Porsche is yet to reveal the production version of the Taycan. That said, Stefan Weckbach, the chief of the company’s electric car initiative recently noted that the vehicle’s final iteration would be close to the stunning Mission E sedan concept, save for some changes to make the car more suited for practical use. Weckbach also mentioned that the all-electric sedan would feature a hefty 90 kWh battery pack.

The Taycan is expected to compete in the same segment as Tesla’s best-selling Model S. Being the first all-electric vehicle from the established carmaker, the Taycan features Porche’s trademark performance, from its 0-60 mph time of 3.5 seconds, its top speed of 155 mph, and its range of 310 miles per charge. The company also noted that just like any other Porsche, the Taycan would be at home being driven to its limits in a racetrack.

Porsche is investing heavily in its Taycan workforce, 1,500 new jobs expected
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