Rare Glimpse of Tesla Model X Falcon Doors Caught in Action

Tesla Model X Falcon Doors Caught on Video

Tesla Model X Falcon Doors

[Source: Tesla Motors]

Just days before the official Tesla Model X unveiling at the Fremont, California factory, a rare sighting of its rear articulated falcon doors was caught in action.

[UPDATE] Elon Musk demonstrates opening of Model X falcon wing doors

The following video is significant in many ways, mainly because there hasn’t been any candid sightings of the Tesla Model X falcon doors in full operation, but also because we’re likely catching a first glimpse of a production-ready vehicle. Previous spy shots of the Model X test mule often revealed misalignment of the falcon doors leaving many to question whether the complex design of the dual-hinged doors will be the achilles heel to the vehicle.

Tesla claims that the upward pivoting motion of the doors allows the leading edge of the falcon door to remain tucked close to the vehicle, thereby facilitating easier passenger entry and exit.

As cool and unique as it is to watch the Model X falcon doors swing open, there’s one point in the video that raises concern when the passenger is seen, what appears to be, nudging the door shut. Whether the final production version of the Model X falcon doors will fully close on its own or require manual force to shut remains to be seen.

What do you think it going on in the video? You be the judge.



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