Rare look inside Faraday Future’s HQ revealed in sponsored video: “Tesla’s got nothing on it”

Struggling electric car maker Faraday Future recently opened the doors of its California-based headquarters to one of YouTube’s resident auto enthusiasts. The video, which covers details of the FF 91 electric SUV and the work of company employees, features what could very well be the closest look yet at one of Tesla’s most vocal competitors.

The video, which was sponsored by Faraday Future, featured auto YouTuber Rob Dahm touring the company’s headquarters in Los Angeles. In the video, the team at Faraday Future can be seen providing Dahm with tidbits about the projects taking place behind the scenes, and later an extended test drive of the 1,000 horsepower, dual-motor electric car.

Dahm found many aspects of the FF 91 admirable, as one would expect in content that’s sponsored. The YouTuber took particular notice of the electric crossover’s interior and raw power. According to Rob, Faraday Future showed him the design for the interior of the FF 91, and it was incredibly luxurious. Dahm even noted that compared to Tesla’s interiors, the level of luxury that Faraday Future will be rolling out on the FF 91 is on a different level.

“When we talk about luxury, Tesla’s got nothing on it,” Dahm remarked while talking about the interior of the electric SUV.

Being a car enthusiast, the YouTuber was also incredibly impressed with the FF 91’s performance on the road. Dahm, for one, noted that the car was practically impossible to roll, due to the FF 91’s low center of gravity. Independent rear steering also aids the otherwise huge vehicle in being nimble.

Perhaps the YouTuber’s favorite aspect of the FF 91, however, was the acceleration of the electric SUV. Multiple launches were featured on the video, and not once was Dahm able to keep a straight face. Overall, Dahm admits that while he is still a petrolhead at heart, he could sincerely say that he thoroughly enjoyed the FF 91 and the experience it provides. Comparing the FF 91 to his dad’s Model S, Dahm remarked that the vehicle has the soul that his father’s Tesla lacks.

“My dad happens to have a Tesla Model S, which is a wonderful car. But it’s… it’s missing the soul that I love in vehicles. And that, I found in this. Not only have I ridden in it, you’ve seen how crazy the launch is, so you get that sort of emotional connection with it,” Dahm remarked.


Rare look inside Faraday Future’s HQ revealed in sponsored video: “Tesla’s got nothing on it”
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