Rivian FCC certificate hints at fixes for lock feature

(Credit: Rivian)

Rivian recently received a new FCC certification for a “Rivian Vehicle Access System 2.0.” Members of the Rivian Forums believe that the certification refers to an upcoming upgrade that would significantly improve Rivian’s lock and unlock experience. 

Forum member s4wrxttcs listed some of the issues Rivian R1 owners are having with the lock and unlock experience of their vehicles. 

“Owners of these new vehicles will never know our pain.

  • Standing in the rain waiting for the vehicle to decide if were worthy enough of it unlocking for us.
  • Gear Guard happily presenting videos of us standing around awkwardly waiting to get in.
  • Tying your shoes 6ft away from your Rivian and having it unlock and lock a few times like its telling you to hurry up.
  • The weird noises the vehicle makes when you pass by the vehicle with your phone despite having phone as key turned off. (Note: This was solved by turning off bluetooth access to the Rivian app)
  • Putting your FOB in an RF blocking box at a location you frequently visit because Rivian only has one location where custom passive entry behavior can be set.

“On a more serious note the biggest issue I have with it is there doesn’t seem to be any hysteresis to the RF signal values for locking and unlocking. I expect unlocking to only happen when I’m really close, and locking to only occur if I get 2-3 times further away than the unlocking happened,” the Rivian R1T owner shared.

(Credit: Brian/Rivian Forums)

Some members of the forum believe that the upgrade would require new hardware since the certification calls for a “vehicle access system sensor.” If the update does require new hardware, it is more likely that Rivian Vehicle Access System 2.0 is made for the upcoming R2 electric vehicles (EVs).

Rivian has been tight-lipped about the R2 SUV, but has released a few details leading up to its unveiling. In May, CEO RJ Scaringe hinted at Rivian using releasing new colors, materials, and finishes on the R2 SUV. Rivian is expected to unveil the R2 SUV in 2024

Later in the summer, Rivian’s Chief Financial officer Clair McDonough estimated the the R2 midsized SUVE would cost between $40,000 to $60,000 before credits. Scargine has mentioned in the past that Rivian R2 EVs will qualify for tax credits under the Inflation Reduction Act. 

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Rivian FCC certificate hints at fixes for lock feature
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