Rivian cuts R1T delivery times as company ramps production

(Credit: Rivian)

Rivian informed Teslarati that R1T delivery times have been significantly slashed as the company focuses on ramping production. 

“Rivian’s production ramp continues to climb, and that means customers can take delivery of an R1T faster than ever,” the company wrote to Teslarati. “Starting today (May 13), customers can reserve an R1T and take delivery in 14 days or less—in some cases.” 

The EV automaker clarified that customers who live in serviceable areas of nearby Rivian Service Centers can access R1 shops. From the R1 Shop, customers can browse a catalog of ready-to-go configurations, available for delivery in 14 days or less. 

As can be gleaned from Rivian’s message, only available configurations are deliverable within 14 days or less. Custom configurations have a delivery estimate of between 4 to 16 weeks. 

According to Rivian’s R1T order page, its award-winning Quad-Motor pickup truck is one of the vehicles available for delivery within 14 days or less. A Rivian R1T Quad-Motor won MotorTrend’s 2022 Truck of the Year. The all-electric pickup truck impressed with its design, engineering, materials, and technology. 

As of this writing, the Rivian R1T Quad-Motor AWD costs an additional $8,000 for the drive system and an extra $6,000 for the Large battery pack. In comparison, the R1T Dual-Motor AWD variant with Standard battery pack starts at $73,000. The Quad-Motor AWD variant with Large pack and Adventure package starts at $87,000.

The R1T Quad-Motor AWD is only available with Large battery pack. In December 2022, Rivian emailed reservation holders, informing them that the R1T Quad-Motor with Max battery pack configuration would be unavailable starting in 2023. The Rivian R1T Quad-Motor with Large pack configuration achieved another win after receiving an EPA range estimate of 328 miles

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Rivian cuts R1T delivery times as company ramps production
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