Rivian R1T’s Max Pack + Quad-Motor configuration will be unavailable starting 2023

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Rivian sent out letters to Max Pack preorder holders, informing them of some changes to their configurators in 2023. 

According to the letter, the Rivian R1T’s Max Pack battery will only be available with a Dual-Motor AWD configuration in 2023. The Max Pack + Quad-Motor configuration will not be “selectable” in Rivian’s configurator by next year.

“This update introduces a more energy dense Max pack design that pairs with our Dual-Motor drive system to deliver long range with outstanding performance at a lower price point. Making this change supports our continued focus on simplifying the production process as we scale,” wrote Rivian. 

In Rivian’s visualizer, The R1T is available in Dual-Motor AWD and Quad-Motor AWD drive systems. The Quad-Motor R1T costs an additional $8,000 in the United States and $11,000 in Canada. The Rivian R1S also comes with Dual-Motor and Quad-Motor AWD drive systems. The Quad-Motor R1S also costs an additional $8,000 in the United States and $11,000 in Canada. 

The EV startup offers three battery packs for the Dual-Motor AWD R1T. The Standard Pack has an estimated range of 260+ miles, while the Max Pack has a range of up to 400 miles for an additional $16,000 in the U.S. and $21,750 in Canada. In the middle is Rivian’s Large Pack, which has an EPA estimate of 328 miles and costs an additional $6,000 in the United States and $8,250 in Canada. Rivian Quad-Motor AWD R1T orders can only be paired with the Large battery pack.

Rivian offers only the Standard and Large battery packs for the R1S. The Quad-Motor R1S is only available with the Large pack, which costs an additional $6,000. 

Standard vs Enhanced Dual-Motor AWD R1T

Rivian also offers an enhanced version of Max Pack + Dual-Motor AWD with the same range but better performance. The enhanced Dual-Motor R1T has 700 HP, quicker 0-60 mph at 3.5 seconds. In comparison, the standard Dual-Motor R1T has 600 HP and runs 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds. Both standard and enhanced Dual-Motor AWD R1T variants have 11,000 lbs of towing capacity. 

“For price committed customers who preordered before 3/1/2022, choosing standard Dual-Motor AWD will lower your current price by $4,500 while the enhanced version will lower it by $2,000,” noted Rivian in its letter. 

“Deliveries are planned to start at the end of summer in limited volumes and will ramp through the end of the year. We will prioritize Max pack preorder holders for our earliest Dual-Motor deliveries where it’s possible.”

Rivian’s price changes might differ between the United States and Canada.

Upgraded Quad-Motor R1T + Max Pack

The unavailability of Rivian’s Max pack + Quad-Motor R1T seems temporary. The EV automaker plans to launch a Quad-Motor variants with “additional capability” with the Max batter pack in the future. 

For preorder holders who want to maintain their Quad-Motor configuration, Rivian advises them to change to the Large battery pack. The company notes that switching to a Large battery pack might accelerate their delivery date to early 2023.

Rivian has made a few changes to its customer options this year. In August, Rivian discontinued its Explore Package option and encouraged customers to upgrade. The Explore Package was the more affordable option offered to Rivian customers. The only package available on Rivian’s R1T and R1S order pages is the Adventure Package. 

The Adventure Package for the R1T starts at $73,000 in the United States and $98,500 in Canada. For the R1S is costs it starts at $78,000 in the U.S. and $105,250 in Canada. Recently, Rivian removed customers’ Adventure Gear options with their R1T and R1S orders. Now customers must purchase the Adventure Gear options separately. 

Read Rivian’s letter below.

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Rivian R1T’s Max Pack + Quad-Motor configuration will be unavailable starting 2023
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