Rivian discontinues Compass Yellow paint for R1T & R1S

(Credit: Rivian)

Rivian has reportedly emailed reservation holders to inform them that the Compass Yellow paint option would be discontinued for R1T and R1S electric vehicles. 

RivianTrackr, an account on X that tracks Rivian news, stated that the company would discontinue its Compass Yellow paint option for the R1S and R1T. Rivian will also discontinue the 20″ All-Terrain Bright wheel option and the vegan leather interior option for the dashboard.

One reservation order who ordered a Compass Yellow Rivian R1 vehicle received an email from the company to confirm their configuration. 

“Heh, lucky I had Compass Yellow configured, I got the confirm your config last night (when my previous estimate was Q2 2024). My email this afternoon says they are shifting me way to the left (“probably this year”) because I have Compass Yellow. So I guess one last batch of CY and then they are done,” shared edman007

As of this writing, the Compass Yellow is still listed in Rivian’s R1T and R1S visualization board for $2,500. The Adventure Package also still offers Compass Yellow interior accents for the all-electric pickup truck and SUV. Rivian also still includes the 20″ All-Terrain wheels and tires in the Adventure Package. 

Based on the Rivian forum, the vegan leather dashboard wasn’t popular among customers, as seeing an R1T or R1S sporting it was rare. The wood dashboard option seems popular among Rivian customers. Based on that information, the EV manufacturer appears to be streamlining its options, keeping the customers in mind.

Unlike the vegan leather dashboard option, the Compass Yellow paint is popular among customers. Rivian’s Compass Yellow paint has become a signature color for the company. 

“I’m sure at some point they will bring back the compass yellow option. Taking away an option or a model is a great way to create a demand for it. People always want what they can’t have,” commented forum member NoGoingBack.

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Rivian discontinues Compass Yellow paint for R1T & R1S
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